309 Fellowship Road

East Gate Center, Suite 200
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

309 Fellowship Road

East Gate Center, Suite 200
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

Roadmap for Digital Business Transformation

Effective digital transformation programs improve customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and operational efficiencies to create a competitive advantage. Across industries, organizations are accelerating digital transformation processes for long-term growth and profitability. Gartner has found that 87% of CIOs and IT leaders say digitalization is a company priority, and 62% of CEOs say they have a transformation program underway. Delivering on the promise of digital transformation is a challenge.

Qellus has seen its customers cut costs by 20 to 30 percent through flexible infrastructure and more agile operations. What’s more, the push toward digital transformation promises significant new business values, including improved customer experience and a better return on data-related assets.
However, 53% of the organizations surveyed by Gartner remain untested in the face of digital challenges, as they are unprepared for the key stages, resources, and people required to succeed.

Making organizations digitally ready

Qellus drives your organization to digitally transform from day one of your digital journey. We work to fundamentally transform your critical business processes and ensure your teams are engaged in their work. The result is accelerated decision-making, reduced costs, increased operational safety, and ultimately, better relationships with your customers.

Qellus The Voice of Data v2.0
Qellus Digital Transformation Roadmap v1.0

Working with a wide variety of industries, including Energy, Federal and State Government, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Retail, Qellus’ data-driven digital transformation methodology provides essential business insights and outlines the concrete steps required to enable digital change. 

Standardization and automation of processes

By standardizing and automating your asset management, finance, sales, human resources, research & development, engineering supply chain, and global trade processes, we enable your business to work smarter, not harder. We instill trust in your data, with more efficient business processes and a more agile culture.

The Qellus roadmap starts by determining what is and is not working within your data and processes. These insights serve as the starting point, allowing you to use data for informed decisions, safer operations, and reduced costs.

Accelerate decision-making with a flexible infrastructure and more agile operations

Cut costs by 20 to 30 percent by standardizing and automating your critical processes

Gain guidance on the concrete stages, resources, and people required to succeed

Leverage the data produced in the business process to foster insights and continuous improvement

Qellus looks at your data and technology through the lens of your company objectives

Unlike other methods which focus only on technology, Qellus uses a systematic approach to connect critical business processes and organizational elements to achieve success by looking at data, technology, and the user journey through the lens of your company objectives. 

At Qellus, we bring 20 years of passion and experience to understand your business processes and tailor your data assessment results to best suit your operation. We provide quantitative measures of where you are, identify your ideal scenario and define the path forward including feedback loops to incorporate key learnings along the way.

We drive you through the concrete milestones to become digital-first

Contact us today for a free consultation. We will show you how Qellus gives you an overview of crucial success stages and provides a strategic perspective to build or enhance your digital platform enabling an effective digital business transformation.