No two organizations are exactly the same. Qellus knows that, and takes the time to understand your solution needs as you grow.

By analyzing your existing application footprint, architecture, key processes, value streams, compliance needs, and master data integration, our architects will design the solution that meets your business objectives, now and into the future.

Qellus’ personalized and high impact approach is what we are known for. Decades of experience have shown us exactly how to put the best solution well within our clients’ reach.

Creating a solution from 3 viewpoints.


We enforce your data integrity, and more importantly reduce errors and ongoing maintenance costs by architecting a solution that allows the source of truth to drive your content’s metadata. Your teams and customers will thank you for it.

Business and Process

Our architects understand the functional aspect of your business processes, from AP, HR, CRM, to Plant Maintenance and many more. We design the right integrated solution architecture to meet your unique business objectives.

Application Integration

Business processes are not contained within a single application. Our solution architecture will include the integrations required to seamlessly execute your processes by leveraging leading applications such as SAP, Oracle, SalesForce, and Microsoft.