Transforming Real Estate with Dynamics 365 and SAP

October 14, 2021

How Qellus streamlined a Real Estate customer’s workflow for better collaboration and productivity.

For many companies, the promise of digital transformation is elusive.  Streamlining customer journeys, engaging employees, and creating operational efficiency are delayed by multiple application and data integration challenges. These delays often lead to a lapse in productivity and a dent in your bottom line.  For real-estate companies, this is especially important as managing new opportunities often starts in a CRM system, only to be transferred to an ERP solution for due diligence on new customers and the management of new real estate deals.  In this article, we’ll share how Qellus partners with our clients to transform real estate businesses with a data-driven approach. 

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The 4 top challenges for asset-intensive businesses

January 8, 2021

Common challenges that prevent a business from achieving benchmarks set by your peers. Here’s how to perform with the best.

Today, asset-intensive companies have a lot to keep track of. The introduction of information and data management requirements, as well as compliance concerns, have forced companies to reconsider how they approach asset management. Data management and time optimization have become paramount to the operation and profitability of these organizations – companies now have to concern themselves with data considerations and process optimizations if they want to stay competitive.

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The Enterprise Asset Management Connection (EAM)

July 28, 2020

How to get the most out of your EAM systems

Enterprise asset management systems are a fundamental tool for large organizations today. They are critical for managing capital projects, optimizing plant assets, ensuring maintenance does not impact productivity, and even used to manage real estate assets.  However, these great tools are often underutilized and lack the ability to integrate critical documents required to manage and maintain enterprise assets. Qellus has the key you need to unlock the full potential of your EAM system.

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