Demystifying OpenText Extended ECM by Qellus and Fastman

July 17, 2020

Save the Date: July 28, 2020, @ 11 AM AEST

Have you heard about Extended ECM, but the marketing-speak overcomplicates it?  

Are documents locked inside an individual business?

Is content segregated by function and difficult to share? 

Does managing documents seem like an extra activity or after-thought for your users? 

Do you find it challenging to maintain the connection between business documents and the process they support?

A Qellus & Fastman Live Webinar

Join Qellus and Fastman to discover real-life examples and best practices for the OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platform.

Who should attend?

This webinar is ideal for CIOs, CFOs, IT Directors, Digital Transformation Managers, Business Process Owners, Records Managers, Project Managers, Solution Owners from OpenText Content Suite & SAP platforms. 

During this presentation, you will see and learn about:

  • What is OpenText Extended ECM? 
  • Core capabilities and what types of challenges do it solve?  
  • How companies deploy Extended ECM for leading enterprise applications such as Microsoft O365, Maximo, Microsoft O365, SAP,  SuccessFactorsSAP, SuccessFactors, Salesforce etc. with out of the box seamless integrations.    
  • How unstructured information becomes significantly more valuable when viewed within the framework of a business process.
  • The importance of choosing an experienced solution partner who can anticipate and avoid common project pitfalls. 


Register Now: July 28, 2020, @ 11 AM AEST.

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Is Your Company Ready for the Future?

June 19, 2020

Today, more than ever, businesses need the ability to use digital tools and assets that enable them to operate remotely and more efficiently without disrupting their current processes. However digital transformation can be a complex journey for even the largest companies, and the process can present a unique set of challenges. These range from adoption and use to a change of daily activities and productivity.

Let’s examine some of the challenges you can expect when implementing digital transformation to determine if your company is ready for the future.

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